At Your Consult

  • I will have you get comfy!
  • I will wash my hands when I arrive before touching you or baby. 
  • We will sit and chat about your health history, baby's health history, current challenges and concerns. If baby is hungry and ready to nurse when I arrive, we will get right to it and talk during and after the feeding. 
  • I will need to do a breast assessment and will want to see how nursing is going in whatever position and technique you use most (if that is what our consult is for).  I will want to see your nipples before and after feeding to determine if there is damage occurring or latch issues that are evident based on the condition of the nipple after feeding. 
  • After baby nurses, I will do an oral exam (if indicated) based on what I see during the feeding or based on issues you may be having. I may also look at other things, like body posture/tone, jaw symmetry, head shape, etc to see if there is anything that may be causing feeding difficulties. 
  • If there are concerns about how much your baby is getting from the breast, we can do pre and post weights. However, I am not big on focusing on "numbers" and "scales" unless we are in a situation where it is absolutely necessary or you are concerned.
  • We will chat more after the consult, and most likely be great friends by the end of it all! 
  • I will send you a superbill for you to give to insurance, a plan of care and send a MD report to the necessary practitioners within 48hrs after our consult.