At The Mama Mantra™, we believe that every family deserves the joy and journey of nursing a child, no matter the path taken to get there. We are happy to serve ALL of the community, and we offer consults for breastfeeding and chestfeeding. Many are surprised to learn that you can still nurse your little one, even if you are the non-birth parent or not lactating. If you are adopting, have a surrogate, are giving birth or are caring for a child, you can experience the beauty of nursing. Many times, a supplemental nursing system (small tube that sits at the nipple) can be used to allow baby to receive food while chestfeeding. Induced lactation and re-lactation may also be options. Lactation services are available before and after birth to prepare. The Mama Mantra™ is happy to sit down with you to discuss options and formulate a plan prior to the arrival of your bundle of joy. We are also happy to work with you once they are here.