Breanna was and still is absolutely amazing! She was so helpful before our baby arrived and still is now that he is here and whenever I have a question about breastfeeding, she makes herself available to answer any question that I had! I learned so much from her and she gave me so much confidence in approaching breastfeeding. I was originally so nervous about being able to breastfeed because of all the misinformation that’s out there. But Breanna not only restored my faith in myself but also also made my transition back home from the hospital that much easier. I cannot recommend them more for first time moms like myself or for anyone who is hesitant about breastfeeding! What a wonderful company and such an indispensable resource for all moms.
— Faith C.
I am so thankful to have met Breanna! After the birth of my daughter I had a traumatic experience trying to breastfeed her. She lost so much weight her first week of life, I had to start bottle-feeding her and I resorted to exclusively pumping for the first month. After her weight stabilized and she started eating better, I was very hesitant to try the breastfeeding thing again. My doula said I would need a lot of support, as the transition can be hard. So she referred me to Breanna. At our first meeting, my daughter was a month old and immediately Breanna found a mild posterior tongue-tie, which can significantly affect the baby’s latching. I couldn’t believe that this wasn’t noticed by any of the several lactation consultants and pediatricians who had seen her either in the hospital and/or pediatricians office. She recommended tongue-strengthening exercises to help in addition to other breastfeeding support videos. Everyday nursing started getting easier and my confidence increased. I had the goal of breastfeeding exclusively for the first year so I purchased a package with Breanna for guidance throughout the year. She helped me optimize pumping by having recommendations on pumping frequency and how to keep milk supply up. And then when I wanted to wean, she offered me a plan on how to decrease in order to keep my breasts comfortable. Thankfully I never got clogs or mastitis. During all my visits with Breanna, she was warm, friendly and very easy to talk with and obviously very knowledgeable. I felt she genuinely listed to my specific concerns and needs and within the next day provided me a detailed, customized care plan of what I needed to do. Currently my daughter is about to turn 13 months and we are still breastfeeding. I truly believe the success of my breastfeeding journey is all due to Breanna. I will be forever grateful for Breanna and highly recommend her to anyone who is breastfeeding!!
— Renee E.
Excellent quality of work and professionalism. Breanna really took her time with us to make sure all of our questions were answered. After a thorough session with her we felt equipped and ready to enter the world of breastfeeding. We had our follow up session today and again we were very impressed with her depth of knowledge and compassion on the topic as well as overall good baby care tips. I would highly recommend utilizing her services. It’s amazing how much there is to learn and some education backed guidance and can help immensely!
— Laura J.
Excellent quality of work and professionalism. Breanna really took her time with us to make sure all of our questions were answered. After a thorough session with her we felt equipped and ready to enter the world of breastfeeding. We plan on a follow up session in a few weeks too.
— Laura J.
I reached out to Breanna in October 2017 after my little girl was born since we were having trouble with her latching. Breanna was so kind, patient and offered a ton of great advice. I had her over twice and was very grateful for her help and dedication to my situation. Breastfeeding didn’t end up working out for me long term due to low milk supply and having to return to work after only 7.5 weeks (boo!!!) but I was still so grateful to find someone so loving who was willing to help. She’s amazing and deserves all the ATX awards!
— Erin W.

Organized, on time, thorough, knowledgeable and personable. I am so glad I scheduled an appointment with Bre after having some feeding concerns with my 4 month old. She made some excellent suggestions to help us get her to eat (nurse and bottle/cup feed) more. She then followed up to ensure everything was going smoothly. I wish I knew her during that crazy time when both my children were nursing newborns! I recommend reaching out to her if you are looking for help navigating the often complex process of feeding an infant. She is very helpful, and immediately provided a super bill as my insurance company agreed beforehand to reimburse me for appointments. Thank you so much Mama Mantra!
— Cassie H.
Even though this was my second child and I’d worked with lactation consultants previously with my first and one already with my second, I learned so much more with Breanna in our session than I did in the multiple sessions I had previously.

It is also such an awesome thing to have her at your home, seeing your setup and working with what you have, rather than going to an office with the perfect nursing chair that you don’t have and therefore can’t recreate at home.

I highly recommend The Mama Mantra!!
— Beth

I love Breanna! She is the best LC I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying something since we’ve worked with well over a dozen LCs between hospital LCs and ones we’ve worked with outside the hospital. She is kind, encouraging, professional, sweet, funny, and incredibly supportive. Oh, and the information she shares is timely and in depth. She is the best resource a nursing mom can have, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Kelly L.
Bre came to our house about 5 days after our baby was born, and just in time. She was able to help me guide the baby to a better latch, and taught us some really helpful positions that I’m not sure I would have tried without her assistance. I would recommend The Mama Mantra to anyone who needs a little help with breastfeeding!
— Mackenzie S.

Bre was so sweet to work with I couldn’t have asked for a better consultation. She is so knowledgeable and made herself readily available for questions or concerns. She helped me and my baby boy get back on track after the first couple of nights at home. We hit a road block and she helped us surpass that and so far baby boy is back on track and his weight is back up. Don’t hesitate to work with her, she is a doll!
— Christine D.

I almost quit breastfeeding when my baby was three weeks old after I got a particularly nasty case of mastitis. I was exhausted and so frustrated by breastfeeding. My daughter was constantly hungry and would breastfeed for nearly an hour every time she fed ... which was 12 times a day. Since her weight gain was good and she seemed healthy, I figured this was normal (turns out it wasn’t), and I spent many hours lamenting how anyone was able to breastfeed their baby for a year or more, much less make it to 6 weeks. Bre came over the week after I got mastitis and supplied me with me an arsenal of tips, tricks and resources for successful breastfeeding and pumping. She was so encouraging and knowledgeable and really took the time to listen to me and get to know my struggles. Her team spent nearly two hours with me, watching me breastfeed and pump, ensuring that all of my questions were answered. She also diagnosed my baby with a posterior tongue tie, and referred me to a pediatric dentist to get a frenectomy. Once the procedure was done, she was like a new baby! It turns out she was taking in a ton of air when she ate, so she was constantly gassy (and fussy on account of the gas, and the hunger!). We are now at nearly 3 months and things are going great. I am so grateful to Bre and her amazing team for their help- I could not recommend The Mama Mantra more.
— Heather R.
Breanna and her team are an absolute delight. The challenges of breastfeeding seemed insurmountable but Breanna was amazing and made all the issues seem both normal and able to overcome. She offered new position options, explained things clearly and easily, and made the experience more relaxed overall. I had her come back a second time and found myself looking forward to seeing her!
— Meridith B.
As a Doula and a birthing instructor, I have worked and consulted with several lactation consultants and I have to say hands down, Bre and Bethany at The Mama Mantra are by far the best!! They are not only caring and compassionate, but the MOST comprehensive and thorough lactation consultants I have worked with. From checking the latch, position of baby, an oral exam and tons of resources they shared, they helped me with my second birth. They made such an impact on me that I will ONLY refer all my clients to The Mama Mantra!!💕 Thank you Bre and Bethany for all your help. You’ll never know how much we appreciate it. I can’t thank you enough. Much love💕
— Melissa G.
I really enjoyed the experience with Breanna. I was having trouble breastfeeding, and to be quite honest, I didn’t like it. I was 2 weeks postpartum, struggling with severe baby blues, low milk supply, and my daughter’s latch was extremely painful. While Breanna worked to help me improve the latch, and discovered my daughter had a minor tongue tie that could be the reason behind it, she listened to me when I told her that I preferred bottle feeding my baby. She was the first healthcare professional that I encountered who I felt didn’t judged me for disliking or not preferring breastfeeding, and it was a HUGE weight off my shoulder. She focused on helping me learn to pump and teaching me techniques to get the most output. I appreciate that she actively listened to me and worked to support me in my decision. She was super sweet to my daughter as well!
— Danyelle B.
We had a great experience! I would recommend her to anyone. We had lots of issues but Mama Mantra was amazing!
— Laura D.
Bre and Bethany changed our lives! A week after my baby was born I was struggling with feeding her and felt exasperated! None of the information I received from the hospital staff helped. Bre and Bethany came to our house and gave us customized care that actually worked! I booked a follow up appointment three days later which helped build on the initial consult. I honestly could not have achieved a productive breastfeeding schedule without The Mama Mantra.
— Roxanne A.
A good friend referred Bre to me. I had heard of her because she had done some instruction on breastfeeding at my mama and me fitness studio and also sponsored a mom’s day out event in Austin that my friend was the event planner for. I love that she’s involved with the community in Austin and has a great reputation for her ability to help new moms. Overall I had a wonderful experience. I opted to use her instead of the wonderful lactation consultants at my pediatrician office because after 2 sleepless nights where he couldn’t latch, I really preferred having an in home consultation where I could be comfortable and have access to my nursing pillows, pump, bottles, etc. to take advantage of the full consultation, which is about 2 hours long. We were able to fix the latching issue and she showed me several techniques that have really helped me. It put my mind at ease to be able to do a weighted feed and see that my son was in fact getting plenty of milk! I have seen many lactation consultants between issues with both of my sons and I found Bre to be the most helpful and most comfortable to work with. I was never rushed at all and she was extremely thorough at the appointment and gave me followup documentation and a referral for a consult for lip and tongue tie. I’ve already passed along her information to some of my friends that are expecting.
— Meredith C.
I called Bre in a state of desperation and ready to give up on breast feeding after my baby was 5 weeks old. She came in and turned everything around for us! First of all, Bre simplified our approach and routine. She examined and pointed out multiple issues that had gone unnoticed by our doctor, and laid out a realistic plan moving forward for breastfeeding. Bre has been available and informative on so many questions and issues that have come up, she always gets back to me promptly and has made my breastfeeding journey a success. I hired her a second time for the “back to work” consult, which was incredibly helpful. Her encouragement and positive attitude is a plus!
— Maggie G.

Bre was absolutely amazing! She spent 2 1/2 hours with me teaching and instructing me on how to breastfeed. She was very knowledgeable and taught me so much!! I am very thankful I found her. I would recommend her to any new mom!!!
— Monica B.
Bre is so great! She is super knowledgeable and relays that information very effectively. Her follow-up and responsiveness have been amazing and her suggestions are always on point. Thanks to her support and guidance, I’m successfully nursing my 8 month old medically complicated baby! So grateful!
— Jaclyn T.
Breanna is so very sweet! And a Pro! We were not ‘the usual’ case - we had bottle refusal. She was upfront and honest from the beginning. She gave us tricks and tips and helpful information, which (we think) finally led to baby taking a bottle! Thank you so much!
— Jessica A.

I called Breanna for help after my son has his tongue tie clipped and wouldn’t latch. She came over the next day, and spent 2 hours with me and the baby, listening to my concerns, showing my different techniques and holds for breast feeding and showing me exercises for the baby’s tongue that would ensure he didn’t get scar tissue from the procedure. By the end of the two hours, he had latched on and I was able to get the baby to latch again right after she left. After that, I no longer had any issues getting the baby to latch, and was relieved that Breanna helped me solve the problem. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing and LC!
— Alanna G.
Breanna is an AMAZING LC who responds quickly to questions and is always ready to help! I highly recommend her! I cannot thank her enough for always being there for me & my many questions as a new Mother.
— Riley L.
Breanna is an amazing person and lactation consultant. She was highly recommended by my doula group, and I’m so very happy she was. Breanna is extremely knowledgeable and able to convey it in a friendly and helpful manner. She recognized my LO’s tongue and lip tie even though LCs in the hospital missed both. She’s willing to tailor nursing plans to your and baby’s needs, and change them as circumstances change too. My husband and I were so impressed with her professionalism and humanity. My only regret is not contacting her sooner.
— Rachel P.
Bre was extremely professional, while you felt like you could chat with her on anything baby. She was the one who helped diagnose my daughter with tongue and lip tie, and provided me with a wonderful referral to a pediatric dentist. She was able to show me ways to cope and continue with baby girls healing after the procedure. Hands down the reason I’m still breastfeeding. We were in such a funk before she came in and offered us some simple and doable solutions. Her knowledge and network are invaluable. Thanks Mama Mantra- you will he referred to allllll my pregnant friends
— Danielle R.
I was having so much trouble breastfeeding and was in extreme pain shortly after giving birth. Breanna first came for a home visit when my son was 1.5 weeks old. Since then, she has come two more times and answered all of my questions that I have had. I didn’t hesitate to have her come back to my home for additional follow-ups when my son and I moved to the next step in our breastfeeding journey. It has truly been a pleasure and a godsend to have such a wonderful person help me achieve my goal of breastfeeding. Because of her, I have been nursing my son for two months strong!
— Lyndsay W.
I met Breanna at the hospital when i requested a lactation consultant after the birth of my second child. I can safely say that she’s the best lactation consultant I’ve ever had...and I’ve probably seen eight over the two babies.

Breanna’s background is in nursing. While she supports, promotes, fascilitates breastfeeding, she’s also practical about finding a balance between some silly “ideal” of 100% nursing with the reality that a full baby is a happy baby. Everything about a newborn is hard enough. Breanna was good about zero guilt/let’s just find the best solution for you and your baby together.

I signed up for a home visit. Breanna came, supervised a feeding, and weighed my son to confirm how much he was getting. We came up with a plan to follow - most importantly - a plan I could live with. After Breanna came to my house, she was available on text to answer follow up questions.

The baby and I are in a great place with nursing. He’s almost three months old. There’s no way we would be in this position if it hadn’t been for Breanna and Mama Mantra.
— Caroline H.
I was in a stressed panic about to return to work with low supply. I reached out to Breanna for advice and she gave me SO many extremely helpful tips and tricks to get my milk flowing. While it takes a lot of work to be a pumping mama, having a strong, confident and reliable resource to build your confidence back is exactly what I got! Thank you!!
— Alex G.
I tell you what, I was in a terrible place when I reached out to breanna but she came and did a home visit and gave me some great tips and tricks and recommended some awesome items that help me get back to a better place and believing I can continue my breastfeeding journey with my babygirl. She’s so sweet and I’m soooooooo glad that I found her and have her to help us through this journey. She responds to the multiple questions I have daily right away!!!
— Shanelle P.
Breanna was extremely helpful with her lengthy answers to my questions regarding a recent surgery and how it may affect breastfeeding of future children. I can’t thank her enough for the kind words and brilliant knowledge. I presented her with questions regarding BII and was thoroughly impressed with her willingness to share tips, tricks, and helpful links via email. I am thrilled to have peace of mind knowing I will be able to navigate the future journey of breast feeding with her. While we may not live in the same area (or even state) she was willing to go above and beyond. I HIGHLY recommend.
— Autumn P.
Breanna is an amazing LC and helped to quickly diagnose my baby’s tongue and lip ties and bubble palate (when our pediatrician and LC at the hospital did not). She recommended a preferred dentist to do revisions and worked with me tirelessly on compensations for my little girls issues. When the revisions scarred and reattached, she went as far as ordering a special nipple shield from Germany that worked better with the shape of my baby’s mouth so that we could continue to breastfeed despite our challenges. Breanna is very knowledgeable about all issues related to breastfeeding- recommending great galactagogues and helping me to set a nursing, pumping, supplementing schedule to both protect my supply and help my little one gain weight. Twelve months of nursing, and we are still going strong! Breanna is absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend her!!
— Amy R.
Breanna was such a huge help! First of all, she was very quick to respond, I received a call back from her within an hour and she scheduled an in home visit with me the next day. Then when she got here, I was so impressed by her knowledge on breastfeeding. She was able to help me with my over supply by suggesting and showing me different positions to breastfeed and also helped me with my latch. She gave me so many tips while she was here and followed up with our plan of action and continued to follow up and stay in touch with my additional questions. An added bonus is her lovely personality. She immediately put me at ease. Her services were not in my network to get reimbursed for insurance, but she was still totally worth the money. I would recommend her to anyone not sure about how your breastfeeding is going, or if your having issues, you will learn something from her I promise.
— Kelly M.
Winner for Best IBCLC Practice/Lactation Consultant 2017

Winner for Best IBCLC Practice/Lactation Consultant 2017

Wonderful lactation consult today as I was having trouble breast feeding our newborn. Breanna’s tips have already allowed me to double my milk supply. Breanna is very kind, patient, caring, thoughtful and has a great sense of humor. I appreciated all the content and ideas covered during our meeting! She takes the time to really get to know you and your goals to cater the plan...she’s also very reassuring which is nice because breastfeeding has been frustrating for me (and I know I’m not alone!) Highly recommend and she does accept flex spend cards (yay!)
— Erin W.
Quick review update: I reached out to Breanna again to ask for advice about improving my supply. I’m pumping and I wasn’t producing more than 2 oz at a time. She promptly sent a bunch of resources and now my supply is up to about 5 oz! Baby girl can quit formula now. Her services are definitely worth it.
— Emily R.
Breanne is wonderful and sweet! The best part about her is she is totally nonjudgmental and personalizes her services to your family and your goals. I understand that 100% direct nursing is the first choice, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Breanne was very supportive and encouraging in working with us to achieve a balance of nursing and pumping that works for my body and my family. This is different from a lot of lactivists we’ve interacted with in the past. You won’t go wrong with her!
— Emily R.
Breanna is an excellent communicator! As a doula, I am quick to recommend Breanna to any of my clients that need a little extra lactation support! She empowers them with information rather than “info dumps” and makes suggestions that work for each family she works with.
— Julie L.
Bre is a healer through and through. Her care for us during the breastfeeding transition has been of benefit beyond words. Not only does she offer a wide ranging expertise, she celebrates our victories with her whole heart and helps hold the tender moments with loving grace. I would recommend her without an iota of hesitation to anyone needing breastfeeding support and professional, loving care.
— Juanita H.
Breanna is an absolute gem for Austin moms, we are so lucky to have her!! Fortunately, I have never had any issues with breastfeeding, but when my sister-in-law struggled to breastfeed her newborn son, I called on her for assistance. She is kind, patient, caring, and most importantly, she is incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anybody in need on an IBCLC!
— Kayla G.
The Mama Mantra was nominated in 2016 AND 2017 for Best IBCLC in Austin, TX. We were honored to win the award in 2017!

The Mama Mantra was nominated in 2016 AND 2017 for Best IBCLC in Austin, TX. We were honored to win the award in 2017!

Knowledgable, caring, patient & nurturing. Breanna gives the best advice and is so passionate about breastfeeding. It’s so nice to have someone on your side who cares about your little one’s well being (and yours, too).
— Brittany N.
Breanna is AMAZING! SO encouraging, informative & all around great. I am SO grateful to have had Breanna in my corner while learning to breastfeed. Going on 9 months here and I owe a lot of my breastfeeding success to her! I also had a scary little bump in my breast around 7 months and she eased my worries while I got it looked at by a breast specialist. It ended up being a little milk cyst like she thought it would be, but man was it nice having her to comfort me during that time! Thanks for all you do, Breanna! It’s appreciated by all of us newbie’s :)
— Laura G.
Breanna is a lifesaver! After delivering a few weeks early and having a baby with a slight tongue tie, I was having issues with getting baby to successfully bf. I can’t thank Breanna enough for her knowledge and support. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for some breastfeeding assistance.
— Renee M.
Breanna was so helpful! I reached out and she immediately responded that she would love to help with questions and concerns I had. She was willing to do an online consultation and answered every question I had, providing comfort, assurance, and expert knowledge. I am so grateful!
— Lexi F.
Breanna is great! We met with her twice to resolve some fussy feeding issues and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend her!
— Elizabeth S.
I cannot say enough good things about Breanna!! She is the best! She instantly made me feel comfortable and put my fears and anxieties to rest. Breastfeeding was such a stressful and foreign thing and it really helped to have such an expert there to guide me and give me so much valuable information. It was so great to have in home consultations and have her always available via call/text to answer any questions I had after. She is so sweet, patient and knowledgeable and really worked with me to come up with a plan that worked for me instead of pushing any sort of breastfeeding agenda. I would highly recommend her (and have) to anyone!
— Mich H.
The Mama Mantra is a great lactation resource. I cannot say enough good things about Breanna and the services she offers. The home visit was perfect for me as I was still recovering from my c-section. Breanna brought a scale to make sure our baby was getting enough milk, she helped me with pumping techniques and other tips in the event I had issues and answered all my questions as we went through everything. There was also a follow up plan and a mommy lactation fb group that I find very beneficial for any type of baby related questions and general support for all moms.
— Jen R.
Breanna is amazing! She was so quick to respond when I was having major problems breastfeeding my newborn. I was honestly ready to give up due to the amount of pain I was in, but after her visit things totally turned around! After working with me and my baby, she followed up with a detailed plan to address our specific needs. She also reached out to me in the days following my consultation just to see how I was doing. I will be forever thankful for her expertise and the kindness she showed me during a difficult time. Highly recommend!
— Kristen M.
I live in GA, so I did a long distant fb phone consult with Breanna after I was having issues breastfeeding. After seeing two lactation consultants (in person) here in GA, as well as the pediatrician, no one was able to get to the bottom of why I was having issues and was just told I had low supply. I decided to reach out to Breanna even though I knew she was miles away. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful she was. Through talking and sending pictures via fb she helped me achieve my goal of breastfeeding my sweet baby girl 100%! To go from having to supplement with formula 70% of the time to not having to supplement AT ALL was just amazing. Breanna is extremely knowledgeable and has a ton of resources to help with all sorts of issues related to breastfeeding and beyond. I had no clue how many different things played into breastfeeding and how many interventions were out there to help. I can’t even imagine how beneficial it is to see her in person, because seeing what she could do over the phone was impressive! I just urge any mama, whether you can visit her in person or have to do a long distance consult, to reach out to Breanna. She’s a rockstar! My baby and I thank you!!!!!
— Kristin D.
Breanna is simply amazing. I love that she was a nurse and is now a lactation consultant. Her experience with babies and ability to soothe them is incredible. I felt like my 1 week old was in great hands. She was patient and really encouraging. She helped me understanding breastfeeding a ton from weighing baby before and after to know how much she got, tips on how to handle pain, helped me understand cues for hunger and when she’s full, how to do different holds and tell a good vs bad latch. It’s amazing how much we covered in the time we spent together. It felt short but also long, I got all the help I needed and more. At the end she even went to get me an ice pack for my nipple that was in pain. She followed up with a plan very quickly and a detailed receipt for me to submit to insurance. In the following weeks I was able to text her with questions and get very detailed helpful responses. I would recommend her in a heartbeat especially since she does house calls which was great for an anxious new mom. Thank you Breanna!
— Sherrie N.
I can’t recommend The Mama Mantra enough for any new mom! When my daughter was first born I had a really tough start with breastfeeding. After meeting with Breanna she helped me get on the right track and gave me the confidence to continue. It’s five months later and I’m still going strong!
— Sarah P.
If I could give Breanna more than 5 stars, I would! She is very passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. She does it well. She makes you feel comfortable and listens to what you have to say. She is patient, kind, and thorough to the point where I didn’t even have any questions to ask her at the end of our session. All her tips have helped breastfeeding more comfortable and easier. Thank you Bre!

I would HIGHLY recommend Breanna.
— Diana B.
Breanna is amazing! Completely helpful and informative. She clearly is knowledgeable and passionate at what she does!
— Diana N.
I would not have made it this far in my breastfeeding journey of not for Bre. She not only educates, she supports each mom in meeting their breastfeeding goals. Thank you, Bre!
— Emily M.
Brea was very helpful and informative. She is professional, yet still caring and compassionate. Brea is readily available via text to answer my questions and works well with my pediatrician providing her with up-to-date notes on our sessions. I would highly recommend the mama mantra.
— Brooke M.
Breanna is fantastic. She is friendly, knowledgeable, patient and extremely thorough. I was on the verge of giving up breastfeeding before Breanna helped me fix some latching issues and better understanding my newborn’s feeding cues (versus gas pains).
— Tara T.
We met while I was in the hospital trying to figure out breast feeding with my 2 day old. I was feeling so upset I couldn’t get her to latch and hearing her cry in hunger was painful. Breanna immediately made me feel more comfortable and helped me realize breast feeding is a skill you and your baby must learn individually and together. During our first consultation my daughter latched multiple times, I learned how to hand express, and learned some alternative feeding methods to get her as much colostrum as possible waiting for my milk to come in.
When I had to add in formula to breast feeding because my daughter was loosing too much weight Breanna supported my decision recognizing that we must do what we need to make sure our children are growing.
Once my milk finally came in we had a third session with Breanna to help me work on better techniques for latch and supporting breast feeding at home. Through every session I felt heard, my needs recognized, and understood that it takes time and understanding to build a breast feeding relationship with your child.
It is not always easy but it is completely worth any and all struggles!! Thanks so much Breanna for helping me on this wonderful journey!!
— Joanna K.
Bre is really amazing. I feel so fortunate that we met her while recovering in the hospital. She’s been an invaluable resource as we work our way through some breastfeeding issues (tongue and lip tie) with my son. More than that, she understands the challenges of being a new Mum and provides incredible emotional support - far more than I’d ever have expected from my lactation consultant. She goes above and beyond and makes you feel so comfortable then entire time. Thank you, Bre!
— Lorna L.
I can honestly say that I would have given up and weaned off had I not had the courage to reach out to Bre with The Mama Mantra. She was responsive, patient and knowledgeable. She provided sited resources for all of the information that she shared with me. She gave practical and realistic solutions and more importantly, she helped transform breastfeeding from something that came with guilt, anxiety and pain to a beautiful bonding time that I look forward to with my little girl. I don’t see an end in sight! Thank you!!!
— Daron E.
I can’t say enough good things about Breanna! My baby was born back in May and without help from Breanna I would’ve given up on breastfeeding long ago. I had a terrible time in the beginning with very painful nursing sessions and a baby with a lip/tongue tie and recessed chin. Breanna came to my house several times to help me with latch issues, provide moral support, and teach me how to train my baby to suck properly. Not only that, but she responded to every text and email with kind words and helpful suggestions. With her help and a little bit of perseverance I’m now exclusively breastfeeding my babe pain free! If you think you may need the help of an LC, don’t wait, just call Breanna now. You absolutely will not regret it.
— Amber F.
I received breastfeeding consultation with Breanna in June. She was more informative than the initial counseling I received. I was impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.
— Lindsay S.
I worked with Breanna when I first began to breastfeed earlier this summer. Despite classes and reading during pregnancy, when faced with learning to breastfeed while sleep-deprived and not thinking straight, I had no idea what I was doing and I was making the same mistakes every couple of hours, making matters worse. Breanna helped me at the point when the pain I felt while breastfeeding and the thought of trying to continue it for a year brought me to tears. Calm and friendly, she watched a feeding and immediately helped me to correct my form, explained the reasons behind her advice, and offered options for giving my body an opportunity to heal without hindering my progress getting started. I appreciated her help so much. Thanks, Breanna!
— Lindsey O.
I gave birth about a week ago, and breastfeeding was painful and not going too well. I contacted Breanna of The Mama Mantra via a voicemail and her website. She got back to me right away - which I was impressed and appreciated her timely communication. And although she had family in town, she made arrangements to meet me the next morning. Breanna is very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, answered all my questions and proved to be a great support. My baby and I are on are way to improving our breastfeeding thanks to her help! I highly recommend The Mama Mantra!
— Camille F.
Breanna is absolutely amazing. Professional, kind, and extremely knowledgeable Breanna came in and turned my breastfeeding experience into a positive one.
I had pretty bad nipple damage with pain that would take my breath away with every latch. I’m happy to say that with Breanna’s tips my nipples have completely healed. Breastfeeding is now enjoyable and pain free.
I appreciate that she makes herself available for follow up questions and has checked in with me regarding my progress. Overall, a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Breanna!!!
— Cecilia G.
As a new mom, breastfeeding can be extremely overwhelming. I contacted Breanna after a week of being home from hospital and needing reassurance that I was doing things right. The consultation was easy to book, she was great with communication and having her come to my own home was a plus. The tips I learned were extremely beneficially to soothing my baby, and the information I learned gave me the confidence I needed to make sure I was feeding my baby properly. It’s worth your time to book her if you are a new mom and needing reassurance it need some guidance.
— Cynthia M.
As a brand new mommy I thought being a nurse would make things much easier for me after my little one was here, boy was I wrong! I had no idea how difficult breastfeeding would be for us and the challenges we would face. I was lucky enough to have someone like Breanna in my life! I live in Georgia where we went to high school together and through text/facebook she has stuck by my side from day 1. She has the sweetest spirit and calming sense about her and I knew even from a distance that she truly cared about my breastfeeding experience and wanted the best for my daughter! Breanna helped me figure out that my little girl had a tongue-tie which ended up being the cause of so many issues we were having! She has been so supportive and caring through this whole breastfeeding adventure and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for her I know I would have given up before I had the chance to enjoy it! My daughter is now almost 3 months old and we are going strong! I absolutely love breastfeeding and the bond between my daughter and I. My husband and I both are so grateful for Breanna and her passion for helping mothers! I would recommend her to anyone! She is VERY knowledgable and great with troubleshooting. I admire that even though she knew I was a nurse as well she never looked down or thought less of me when I was struggling and never pushed anything on me either, she was always just a cheerleader in my corner for success!
— Jenn S.